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Partnering with Acorn-i, Why Our Approach Works

20 Apr 2020

Across the many Brands and Sellers we have spoken with over the past year there is a common theme; Amazon is an opportunity too large to ignore but it’s difficult to get right. More often, problems stem from lack of support from Amazon, difficult interfaces to navigate, hard to hire relevant skill-set, highly time consuming to manage, lack of data and insight into where to focus investment and being unaware of options on offer and how to leverage them. Solving these issues is difficult, hence why you may be wanting to outsource and partner with a specialist.

Partnering with a business that can accelerate the process of scaling online platforms such as Amazon should deliver short and long term success. But, what should you look for when considering who to partner with? In our view, the following points are critical considerations and how Acorn-i stands out from competitors.

Retain Control and Ownership of Data

In order to scale effectively on Amazon a partner will need to leverage some form of technology. This may be to support any number of key success or hygiene metrics that will have a material impact on sales. The majority of agencies do not build or own the products they use but leverage third party technologies. This results in a lack of control as to where your data is being exposed, stored and used. When evaluating a partner it’s imperative to understand if you’re going into business with them or a network of product providers and establish where and when your Amazon channel data is exposed.

Acorn-i approach : we are an approved Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Services) developer and leverage in-house product and engineering teams to build proprietary solutions. This means all your product, sales, customer etc data is safe and secure with no potential to be exposed to unknown entities. We also build bespoke solutions with clients in mind vs using off-the-shelf tools. Ignite is our proprietary platform that delivers a competitive advantage for our partners.

Team of Specialists

Amazon have established programs to support connecting Brands with a network of specialist technology and services suppliers that meet required criteria. Aside from Amazon MWS, Acorn-i are certified Amazon SPN (Services Provider Network), Marketplace Appstore and the entire client services team are Amazon Advertising accredited. We advise checking with prospective partners to ensure that they are accredited to ensure you are working with best-in-class operators.

We’re Customer Obsessed

Customer success is fundamental. We believe in this so much and are so confident of delivering results that all of our commercial agreements with clients are indexed to performance. Client services and product development are focused on exceeding client expectations and we love to grow as our clients grow with us. We have a number of client testimonials and case studies. We work to support clients for the long-term, whether this is as an outsourced services and technology partner or supporting clients in-house and to up-skill internal teams.

Innovation is a Core Company Tenet

Our industry is in constant flux. Amazon continues to iterate, change policies, deprecate services, launch new opportunities all at scale. We embrace this speed of change and view this as an opportunity to generate competitive advantages for clients. Internally, every voice matters and the best ideas happen when every team member is empowered to contribute and challenge normality.

Data-Driven Approach

Data provides information and from this we can create insight. We make decisions for and with clients based on data and have created a number of unique data sets to address client problems then turned these into usable dashboards. Our proprietary technology infrastructure enables us to analyse large data sets from multiple sources to inform clients on how to reach consumers via the most effective channel and at the optimal time.

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