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You Garden

You Garden is a leading plant, tree, shrub, garden care and accessories manufacturer and distributer in the UK. With a philosophy that “gardening is for everyone”, You Garden has an established UK nursery shipping over half a million individual parcels per year direct to consumers.


Delivering more than 2x YoY increase in Seller Central revenues since partnering with Acorn-i.

18% ACoS

Planned and managed Amazon Search activity delivering sales at scale while achieving efficiency goals.


Developed and re-launched the Brand Store page increasing average daily unique visitors by +81%, and sales by +676% YoY.

About the brand

We firmly believe that Gardening is for everyone! You Garden delivers thousands of items every week across the UK straight to the customers’ door, from seeds and bulbs to trees and garden care. Traditionally, consumers of gardening products make purchases via stores and TV but online purchasing is growing rapidly and to ensure we leverage this opportunity we partnered with Acorn-i as a specialist in navigating and delivering sales via e-Commerce platforms.


Acorn-i analysed more than 500 SKUs across Seller Central and Vendor Central to gain an understanding of core sales drivers, key metrics and areas of opportunity.

We identified under-performing products and sub-optimal listings and established a strategy to improve discoverability and conversion rates for poor sellers while ensuring reliable revenue drivers continued to grow.

Content Management

In order to improve Glance View conversion rates and organic search ranking, Acorn-i i) built A+ content for Vendor Detail Pages, ii) supported Brand Registry process for You Garden to enable and apply EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) iii) re-designed You Garden’s Brand Store page, iv) operate an ongoing ‘identify and improve’ strategy for optimizing Detail Page content and listing keywords.

As a result, the Brand Store page has generated more than 2x sales in 3-months since launch than it did for the whole of 2018, and organic search conversations are driving 70% of total Seller Central revenues.


Customers come to Amazon to buy products, it is imperative that brands are front of mind and discoverable to convert intent into sales. Via using proprietary tools and best practices Acorn-i delivered revenue at scale while achieving client-set efficiency goals via Paid Search.

Acorn-i also advised and managed Promotions to ensure that Deals and Vouchers ran effectively to maximise sales.

What our customers say

We chose to work with Acorn-i over a year ago now and have been delighted with the decision to do so. The support and service levels we have received have been excellent. Acorn-i have proven to be experts in managing Amazon retail and advertising, helping our business grow more than 300% YoY and exceed expectations.

Paul Davison, Managing Director at Nutraformis

The Ignite interface developed by the team at Acorn-i has made significant improvements to how we analyse, report on and allocate resources to Amazon and ultimately enable us to sell more. The tool is easy to use, fast and saves an enormous amount of time it would take us to access this data elsewhere. One of the best products I have seen in this space.

Max Rees, Co-Founder at The Curators

Acorn-i have been fantastic for Dr Will’s. They’ve used data driven insights to help us to build a really scalable business with Amazon and also provided invaluable end-to-end support with launches of new products in new geographies, enabling us to really step up our Amazon business.

Liam White, Co Founder - Dr Wills

Working with Acorn Intelligence has proven invaluable in delivering strong results via e-commerce platforms. Their deep understanding of how to curate and optimise content and manage paid advertising to convert and drive customer intent has resulted in significant revenue growth for the business.

David Chisnall, Marketing Manager at You Garden Ltd

Working with Acorn-i has given us the expertise and support we needed to get going on Amazon, and with a solid sales and marketing strategy. I would highly recommend working with Acorn-i to any company that is currently selling or wanting to sell via Amazon.

Paul Hillman, CEO Gourmet Candy Company

Acorn-i’s knowledge of the Amazon platform and the tools and data available to inform our plans selling online has been invaluable. We now see a clear route to market with this important audience, and can better understand the true potential that online selling will deliver for our fast growing business.

Jamie McCloskey, Co-Founder - Love Corn

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