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The UK fragrance industry generated over £1.7bn in sales during 2019. We share below how our work with NEOM has helped them out-perform competitors in this sector.


Increase in channel sales YoY

>£6 ROAS

Rolling 30-day performance for Amazon Advertising


More than 14K units sold in Q4 2020 alone

About The Partnership

NEOM chose to partner with Acorn-i to evaluate the Amazon retail channel and develop a strategy to accelerate sales growth. Acorn-i support Vendors and Sellers via accredited services teams and technology solutions creating data-led insights and brand enhancing solutions.

Amazon Retail Strategy

NEOM had historically traded via Amazon Vendor, selling to Amazon according to received purchase orders. Acorn-i evaluated channel and SKU performance to establish a longer-term strategy in leveraging the combined benefits of Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller.

Our goal is to grow sales, launch new products, leverage Amazon Advertising and promotions, expand to new markets, generate insightful data sets, retain ownership and turn Amazon into a significant and profitable revenue channel for NEOM.

Acorn-i dedicated our Amazon experts to support NEOM as an extension of their internal eCommerce, marketing and operations teams working closely to advise and activate against key Amazon success metrics. Our product team developed bespoke reporting and insights via Ignite to save hours of operational time and generate unique retail and consumer insights for NEOM.

Amazon Brand Registry

Enrolling in Brand Registry unlocks tools and features not available to re-sellers. Brand owners can develop enhanced content on Product Detail Pages as well as a bespoke Brand Store to showcase product ranges and reflect off-Amazon branding and shopping environments.

Brand Registry also grants access to additional reporting insights such as New-To-Brand sales metrics. NEOM has a strong brand affinity with consumers so Acorn-i re-developed and launched NEOM branded content on Amazon to better align to owned sites and provide a richer shopping experience.

We identified a long-term issue impacting NEOM sales. Multiple brand name terms had been registered and assigned to different NEOM products meaning in many instances listing or replenishing items was blocked by Amazon’s algorithm due to mis-matching brand ownership. The Acorn-i team unpicked a complex set of brand registry mapping issues cleaning the account and ensuring NEOM had freedom to list, stock and sell owned items.

Amazon Advertising and Promotions

Optimal product placement to capture in-market shoppers is critical to driving consideration, traffic and conversion rates on Amazon. It is imperative to develop a cohesive strategy using data, insights and tried and tested tactics to maximise the returns on Advertising investments but also merchandising initiatives, the latter often overlooked by media agencies.

  • Delivered rolling 30-days ROAS of more than £6.
  • We developed quarterly advertising plans for NEOM to deliver results across Vendor and Seller listed products.
  • Ensured duplication of marketing spend between channels and products is limited, to enhance efficiency.
  • Planned and managed hundreds of Amazon promotions and advertising campaigns to deliver increased basket size, sales and orders during peak periods.
  • Real-time RoAS, ACoS and TACoS metrics to leverage optimal data sets to deliver best results.

The Results

  • Implementation of combined Vendor and Seller strategy leading to strong holistic channel growth.
  • Amazon channel sales increased +196% YoY.
  • Expanded geographical availability and sales into new countries ahead of driving long-term growth.
  • Amazon Advertising campaigns generating >£6 ROAS for rolling past 30 days.
  • Glance Views of NEOM products by shoppers increased by more than 2x YoY.
  • Conversion rates increased 27% as a result of targeted advertising and enhanced Detail Page content.

What our customers say

We chose to work with Acorn-i over a year ago now and have been delighted with the decision to do so. The support and service levels we have received have been excellent. Acorn-i have proven to be experts in managing Amazon retail and advertising, helping our business grow more than 300% YoY and exceed expectations.

Paul Davison, Managing Director at Nutraformis

The Ignite interface developed by the team at Acorn-i has made significant improvements to how we analyse, report on and allocate resources to Amazon and ultimately enable us to sell more. The tool is easy to use, fast and saves an enormous amount of time it would take us to access this data elsewhere. One of the best products I have seen in this space.

Max Rees, Co-Founder at The Curators

Acorn-i have been fantastic for Dr Will’s. They’ve used data driven insights to help us to build a really scalable business with Amazon and also provided invaluable end-to-end support with launches of new products in new geographies, enabling us to really step up our Amazon business.

Liam White, Co Founder - Dr Wills

Working with Acorn Intelligence has proven invaluable in delivering strong results via e-commerce platforms. Their deep understanding of how to curate and optimise content and manage paid advertising to convert and drive customer intent has resulted in significant revenue growth for the business.

David Chisnall, Marketing Manager at You Garden Ltd

Working with Acorn-i has given us the expertise and support we needed to get going on Amazon, and with a solid sales and marketing strategy. I would highly recommend working with Acorn-i to any company that is currently selling or wanting to sell via Amazon.

Paul Hillman, CEO Gourmet Candy Company

Acorn-i’s knowledge of the Amazon platform and the tools and data available to inform our plans selling online has been invaluable. We now see a clear route to market with this important audience, and can better understand the true potential that online selling will deliver for our fast growing business.

Jamie McCloskey, Co-Founder - Love Corn

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