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Love Corn

LOVE CORN is a young and successful business in the snack brands category with the goal of making crunchy corn people’s favourite snack.


Delivered 4x return in units sold in the first months of partnering with Acorn-i vs the same period previous year.


Achieved a +22% increase in sales in just 14 days via Sponsored Brands.


Driven UK e-commerce GMS (Gross Merchandise Sales) parity with that of US, a market with 6x scale in category.

About the brand

Success to date has largely been driven via physical stores and so LOVE CORN were looking for support in developing brand recognition and sales via e-commerce channels. They saw the value of building out a strong e-commerce solution on Amazon, and so the partnership with Acorn-i begun, helping them take the growth of their business to the next step in its evolution.



We conducted a full analysis of LOVE CORN’s current Amazon set up, advising on all areas from their retail relationship to content management and order fulfilment.

We dived deep into the premium snacks (CPG) category, analysing competitor activity and LOVE CORN’s current positioning. Using our expertise, we consulted on laying the foundations for success, focusing on building LOVE CORN to be the best in category, easily discoverable and ready for promotional activities to increase sales…

Content management

Our editorial services deliver success via improving organic search ranking, increasing traffic to product detail and store pages and generate higher conversion rates via optimal content layout.

We advised on creating Enhanced Branded Content and are supporting LOVE CORN in designing a Brand Store, providing image and editorial content creation.


Our in-house team of experts designed a paid marketing strategy to achieve a 5x return on investment.

Leveraging Amazon Sponsored Brands, Acorn-i ensured that LOVE CORN appeared at the top of relevant search results and took the data learnings of multiple strategies to refine the advertising campaign to maximise success.

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