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Distill Ventures

Distill Ventures partnered with Acorn-i to create a bespoke reporting and insights dashboard for Amazon Seller Partner brands and shopper insights.


Average increase in Distill Venture brand portfolio sales YoY


API feeds integrated consolidating large data sets


Partner product SKUs reported on and analysed in real-time

About Distill Ventures

Distill Ventures are the world's first independent drinks accelerator, dedicated to helping founders build, scale and sell the drinks brands of the future. They partner with and support founders who want to take their business to the next level and become successful in both their home market and on a global scale.

The opportunity

Distill Ventures support founders of both early-stage drinks companies and mature brands. Online webstores and Amazon are key channels for founder-led brands in reaching new and existing customers. To provide best-in-class insights and support to founders, Distill Ventures partner with technology and analytics providers.

Distill Ventures wanted to gain a better understanding of Amazon shopper intent and category performance as well as improve operational efficiencies in reporting and analysing data and trends.

Ignite, by Acorn-i

Ignite is Acorn-i’s proprietary technology platform designed and built for direct-to-consumer brands and eCommerce. We created a bespoke reporting dashboard for Distill Ventures that brought together data sets from 4 marketplaces and more than 130 products. Via Ignite, Distill Ventures are able to pull data from 43 API feeds significantly increasing operational efficiencies and gaining access to powerful SKU-level insights.

Via the dashboard, users access improved measurement, analytics and can track important trends and provide data-driven guidance to partner brands, in turn improving sales and brand equity.

Amazon Search Trends

The Ignite Amazon search reporting and trend analytics provides users with advantageous data sets in understanding what consumers are shopping for, when they are shopping and the most clicked and purchased products. These rich insights help brands:

  • Understand consumer trends for seasonal product launch and promotions planning.
  • Optimise content to improve organic search ranking.
  • Ensure paid media search campaigns are targeting the most relevant keywords.
  • Target competitor products and gain market share in-category.
  • Benchmark and compare and number of  products and brands against each other.

Let Ignite, by Acorn-i enhance your vision

If you are part of an accelerator, venture capitalist or individual investor we can provide enhanced data and reporting insights to help you and your investments grow - info@acorn-i.com for a free demo.

What our customers say

We chose to work with Acorn-i over a year ago now and have been delighted with the decision to do so. The support and service levels we have received have been excellent. Acorn-i have proven to be experts in managing Amazon retail and advertising, helping our business grow more than 300% YoY and exceed expectations.

Paul Davison, Managing Director at Nutraformis

The Ignite interface developed by the team at Acorn-i has made significant improvements to how we analyse, report on and allocate resources to Amazon and ultimately enable us to sell more. The tool is easy to use, fast and saves an enormous amount of time it would take us to access this data elsewhere. One of the best products I have seen in this space.

Max Rees, Co-Founder at The Curators

Acorn-i have been fantastic for Dr Will’s. They’ve used data driven insights to help us to build a really scalable business with Amazon and also provided invaluable end-to-end support with launches of new products in new geographies, enabling us to really step up our Amazon business.

Liam White, Co Founder - Dr Wills

Working with Acorn Intelligence has proven invaluable in delivering strong results via e-commerce platforms. Their deep understanding of how to curate and optimise content and manage paid advertising to convert and drive customer intent has resulted in significant revenue growth for the business.

David Chisnall, Marketing Manager at You Garden Ltd

Working with Acorn-i has given us the expertise and support we needed to get going on Amazon, and with a solid sales and marketing strategy. I would highly recommend working with Acorn-i to any company that is currently selling or wanting to sell via Amazon.

Paul Hillman, CEO Gourmet Candy Company

Acorn-i’s knowledge of the Amazon platform and the tools and data available to inform our plans selling online has been invaluable. We now see a clear route to market with this important audience, and can better understand the true potential that online selling will deliver for our fast growing business.

Jamie McCloskey, Co-Founder - Love Corn

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