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Snowflake Fireside Chat with Acorn-i

19 Jan 2021

Acorn-i and Snowflake Fireside Chat

Acorn-i is a services and technology company for eCommerce. We have developed proprietary technology and product solutions to enable clients a competitive advantage in analytics, data management, sales trends, marketing and advertising insights, machine learning and more. We leverage cutting edge solutions to create a unified eCommerce platform, Ignite. Our CTO, James Poll, spoke with Snowflake in a recent fireside chat.

Introduction to the Fireside Chat by Snowflake:

Being Amazon experts, Acorn Intelligence (Acorn-i) identified an opportunity to provide deep analytics and insights to their customers about their Amazon ecommerce investment and sales. To do this, Acorn-i built a new solution called Ignite, underpinned by the Snowflake Data Cloud. Ignite pulls in data from a wide range of platforms (Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Advertising, Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook), and via its UI, it provides unique insights and optimisation opportunities for Acorn-i clients.

When Acorn-i architected their solution, they realised traditional on-premises data warehouses couldn’t support their vision of infinite scale. Snowflake allows Ignite to provide fast, reliable insights to clients without clients knowing that they are querying terabytes worth of data, and is aligned with the companies wider ‘serverless’ technology strategy.

Hear James Poll, CTO at Acorn-i, describe Acorn-i’s journey, and how they:

See the full session via this link: Snowflake

About Snowflake:

Snowflake’s cloud data platform shatters the barriers that have prevented organizations of all sizes from unleashing the true value from their data. Thousands of customers deploy Snowflake to advance their businesses beyond what was once possible by deriving all the insights from all their data by all their business users. Snowflake equips organizations with a single, integrated platform that offers the only data warehouse built for the cloud; instant, secure, and governed access to their entire network of data; and a core architecture to enable many types of data workloads, including a single platform for developing modern data applications.

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