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Data & Tech

Built for Brands and Sellers

Strengthen your capabilities and empower your team to achieve more in less time. Own your data and work with a dedicated technology partner.

Experience the benefits of Acorn-i Technology and Data Engine

Our Technology Solution

Ignite was developed with and for Brands and Sellers to deliver results and improve team efficiency.

Remove siloes, combine digital retail channels and marketing platforms into a single view and enhance outcomes via machine learning and algorithms. 

License Ignite for your internal reporting, analytics and activation teams enabling them to achieve more and deliver actionable insights.

We offer dedicated technical support and work with clients to build bespoke solutions.

Know Your Customer

Data underpins the best decisions.

Being able to quickly identify shopper behaviour and trends, before your competitors, provides an advantage in capturing consumer demand.

Ignite currently surfaces more than 300 dimensions and measurement combinations down to the SKU level.

Measure Shopper Events

Measure impact of seasonal and event shopping periods.

Understand shopper purchase intent during peak periods to plan ahead and maximise outcomes of future events.

Track key metrics such as New-to-Brand or repeat purchase rates, customer Life-Time Value, trends in Detail Page Views across online marketplaces and owned websites.

Build Loyal Customers

Segment purchasers into Single, Multi-Buyer, Loyal and Champion customers.

Understand segment personas and how they engage with your products.

Identify lapsing customers and develop tactics to turn them into loyal purchasers.

Measure results of promotions, discount codes, influencer campaigns on new and existing customer purchases.

Product Purchase Insights

Understand which product drives the most New-to-Brand purchasers.

Identify how consumers migrate across your product portfolio over time and which products are driving the most value for your business.

Leverage insights to improve product positioning, advertising campaign performance, cross-sell and up-sell product ranges.

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