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Omni-channel eCommerce

Omni-channel eCommerce

Digital retail requires a holistic approach. Silo's risk ineffective strategy and decision making. We help brands illuminate eCommerce channels for compound results.

Save time and generate more sales via an integrated strategy


Intelligent Data Engine

Integrate eCommerce marketplaces and direct-to-consumer channels into one easy to use platform.

Understand how shoppers engage with your brand, how and when they buy, and maximise share of in-market spend and purchase rates. 

Discover which channels drive New-to-Brand purchasers, measure customer Life-Time-Value holistically and accelerate your total digital retail sales.


Shopper Marketing

Co-ordinate promotions and merchandising across sales channels to maximise impact and measure effectiveness.

We break down siloes to help brands measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing, promotions, social media initiatives on Amazon and eCommerce sales. 

Single-view data sets enable users to measure and optimise price, product, promotions and positioning to deliver better results.


Optimise Channel Investment

Gain deep understanding of shopper trends and leverage predictive modelling to forecast return on investment.

Ignite’s algorithmic platform analyses shopper paths to purchase cross-channel meaning users can quantify metrics that deliver the best results holistically as well as in single channel. 


Performance Benchmarking

Leverage data to measure historical trends and benchmark success.

Our omni-channel approach enables brands to quickly compare and track channel performance as well as broader market fluctuations.

Ensure each sales channel is out-performing benchmarks. 

Omnichannel Success Stories

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