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Prime Day 2022

14 Jul 2022

Shoppers Continue to Love Prime Day

The dust has barely settled but what do shoppers and brands think of Prime Day 2022? Our data suggests it remains one of the key shopping events of the year and something brands should have a strategy for to maximise the benefits of organic demand and the opportunity to engage with many new-to-brand customers.

We analysed more than 16,000 products across multiple markets, our initial take-aways:

On aggregate, across more than 16k products, sales were up +97% on average – this includes products not taking part in Prime Day.

Some of our client brands saw a sales spike of >800% vs prior days trending sales.

Ave. basket value increased +8%.

Shoppers purchased products through the day with consistently high spend rates from 7am through 9pm with the peak hour being 5pm.

Leading categories that enjoyed the greatest success vs prior days sales trends:

*Beauty & Personal Care sales up +160%.

*Electronics +167%.

*Sports & Outdoors equipment +174%.

*Grocery +96%.

*Toys & Games +89%.

*Pet Supplies +25%.

Prime Day has positive impact around the world but not all markets are equal. Shoppers and Prime Subscribers in US, UK, DE and JP engaged more with Prime Day than other markets where Amazon Prime doesn’t have the same level of penetration.

Prime Day isn’t just Amazon, brands and sellers saw increases across direct-to-consumer (DTC) website sales, +13% ave., as well as other marketplaces such as Walmart although Amazon remains the clear no.1 destination for shopper demand.

Amazon Ads – brands enjoy a heightened shopper demand but have to remain competitive to be discoverable and compete for share of premium digital real estate positions:

*CPCs up +16% vs prior week.

*CTRs decreased -14% as shoppers increased the volumes of searches and page views dramatically and discovered products via non-paid media placements.

*Sponsored Brands drove the greatest increase in performance +22% perhaps due to the prominent top-of-search position.

*Ad’ placement is key, the top-of-search positions during Prime Day drove 61% of total sales based on more than 5,500 orders analysed.


We’ll be reviewing in more depth how brands can maximise sales from shopper events. Did you achieve success with Prime Day 2022? If not get in touch and see how we can help develop a better strategy for your brand – info@acorn-i.com 

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