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The Intelligent Platform for eCommerce

Take control of your data. Ignite is purpose-built to support scaling your sales via eCommerce channels and making your business more efficient.

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Data-driven insights to improve performance and save time.


Track Performance in Real-Time

  • Quickly integrate eCommerce channels.
  • Consolidate data from multiple markets into one view.
  • Analyse performance trends down to the product level.
  • Improve products, positioning, and merchandising performance.
  • Retain control of your eCommerce sales and customer data.
  • Aggregate data across multiple re-sellers of chosen brands or products.


Amazon Search Analytics

  • Discover top-ranking and trending shopper search terms.
  • Improve SEO via optimizing product detail page relevancy.
  • Deliver strong ACOS / ROAS via shopper search term discovery.
  • Download top clicked and purchased product ASINs to enhance competitor targeting advertising campaigns.
  • Enhance new product development.

Advertising and Promotions

Advertising and Promotions

  • Track Amazon Advertising and merchandising performance.
  • Combine retail and advertising data sets in one dashboard.
  • Improve advertising campaigns via data-driven performance insights.
  • Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP and Promotions in a single view.
  • Leverage machine learning to exceed performance goals.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Agency or Holding Co. Homepage

  • Track, measure and manage multiple accounts via one application.
  • Automated alerts for retail hygiene and advertising success factors.
  • Save hours of time via consolidated data sets.
  • Benchmark success across accounts, categories and products.
  • Track combined retail and advertising performance data.

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