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Acorn-i Release Cross-Channel Retail and Marketing Solution

6 Apr 2021

Ignite, by Acorn-i, Provides Brands With Unique Omni-Channel Capabilities

Acorn Intelligence have released an updated version of Ignite, a proprietary technology solution for eCommerce, enabling users to measure, attribute and optimise cross-channel marketing, including Amazon. The release is a first of its kind for an EU agency and a leading solution for cross marketing and retail data capabilities globally.

Ignite is used by brands and agencies to access real-time digital retail data across marketplaces, such as Amazon, as well as direct-to-consumer websites, in a single view. The new release of Ignite enables users an enhanced view of digital advertising and shopper marketing initiatives via integrations with the advertising APIs supported by Amazon and other leading media owners, publishers and social networks.

The past 12 months have seen digital retail grow to account for more than 35% of total retail and as a result marketing spend will follow. Shopper marketing shift from offline to digital has been forecasted at around 10% of a total marketing spend of $800bn in the US alone, meaning a $80bn change in allocation of budgets to digital.

Marketers need improved tools to support measuring, attributing and optimising campaigns across channels to deliver the most effective outcomes. The most recent version of Ignite enables marketers to merge data from multiple sources, comparing both industry standard metrics such as impressions, clicks and sales as well as channel or publisher-specific metrics such as post engagements, influencer promotion codes or likes.


Acorn-i ran a co-marketed webinar with Amazon Advertising on 30th March to provide an overview of Amazon Attribution. Amazon Attribution is a self-service advertising measurement solution. It provides advertisers visibility into sales impact analysis across non-Amazon media channels. These channels include search, social, display, video and email.

Ignite removes manual process and heavy lifting of campaign analytics and merges off-Amazon publisher data with Amazon Advertising campaign performance. As a result, users have seen significant efficiency gains and driven improved campaign budget allocation and line-item performance.


The list of publishers that are approved for Amazon Attribution is comprehensive, see here. Given the growing influence of Amazon as a retail and advertising channel, the ability to measure and attribute marketing spend across the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and traditional publishers such as Hearst and Condé Naste will prove attractive.

Having delivered successful cross-channel campaigns and merged data sets for clients, Acorn-i advise to work with a partner with experience in setup and migrating multi-channel data to ensure success. Appending incorrect attribution tags, non-approved landing pages etc. will result in loss of data and wasted investment.

For more information on an integrated approach to cross-channel marketing and retail feel free to get in touch – info@acorn-i.com


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