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Amazon Search Product Targeting Enhanced by Ignite

6 Jul 2020

The majority of Amazon PPC campaigns are keyword targeted, but Amazon also allows brands to target specific products, categories, competitor brands, or other product features that are similar to the product being advertised. Product targeting can be an effective tactic to steal market share given the majority of placements are served on Detail Pages as opposed to keyword targeted search results pages.

Product Targeting Best Use Cases:

Product Targeting ads will be served according to ASINs, attached to a specific product, or related category. On campaign setup you can choose which to leverage, and although there can be overlap, to help differentiate:

For some categories you can further refine targeting, for example with Toys refine by product target age range and Books by genre.

Acorn-i Product Targeting campaigns delivered ave. 0.31% CTR and 16% ACoS during trending past 4-months for clients.

How to Enhance Product Targeting Effectiveness:

The Amazon campaign setup UI will suggest categories and products to target according to the product being advertised. Amazon’s algorithm will match and suggest similar products or you can search by product name or upload a list of products to create a specific target cohort. We conducted a test to measure how effective Amazon suggested targeting is vs a list of products developed using Ignite, our proprietary insights and reporting tool.


Results 1-14 days (measured according to Amazon Vendor conversion attribution window):

As a result of initial testing, above, and subsequent testing over following 40 days, Product Targeting campaigns supported by leveraging Ignite insights continue to drive more scale, engagement and sales for client campaigns. The average ACoS achieved for all clients is 16% across a trending 4-month period. Amazon algorithm and suggested products is an effective feature alternative to keyword targeting but to enhance performance clients can follow these steps when using Ignite:

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