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Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

5 Jan 2021

This week, Amazon Advertising announced the release of Amazon Marketing Cloud (in beta).

Earlier in 2020, Amazon released AMC for alpha partners allowing Acorn-i to integrate our proprietary eCommerce solution, Ignite. Amazon state that ‘Amazon Marketing Cloud is a secure, privacy-safe, and dedicated cloud-based environment in which advertisers can easily perform analytics across multiple, pseudonymized data sets to generate aggregated reports’. The opportunities and potential for brands and advertisers is exciting in particular as the functionality of AMC develops over the coming months.

Amazon shared that ‘beta advertisers are generating insights with Amazon Marketing Cloud to better understand their optimal campaign reach and frequency, which combination of marketing channels is delivering results, and the total impact of their media campaigns across the marketing funnel’. AMC is an event level repository that can be queried to pull data and developed insights to improve measurement, optimisation and planning. Via our integration with AMC we have seen use cases first-hand. for instance:

The ability to pool cross-channel data sets is particularly interesting, understanding reach of display and search and developing path to conversion insights. Search is low-funnel and often point of sale so tends to gain the majority of conversion attribution and subsequently investment. Being able to better measure impact of brand and product exposure in upper-funnel consideration phases helps brands better attribute sales and consumer engagement and therefore make better informed decisions.

It is important to note that AMC is not an external facing UI that can provide drag-and-drop reports. There is the need for expertise and a solution to integrate into AMC while Amazon remain as protective as ever over customer data, rightly so. Even though, the potential is significant and the platform is robust and scalable via AWS.

Currently, Amazon Marketing Cloud is available in beta for eligible agencies, advertisers, and tool providers in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. If you would like to discuss how Acorn-i can help you navigate and leverage AMC for your business feel free to connect – info@acorn-i.com

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