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Amazon Leans Into Social Discovery

19 May 2021

Amazon Launch ‘Internet Famous’ Product Lists

Products that ‘go viral’ on social media sites see a spike in demand on marketplaces such as Amazon. Consumer searches on Amazon for previously low ranking products can grow exponentially due to TikTok and other social channel influences. In particular, TikTok is becoming a mass product discovery channel with many influencers in effect creating product recommendation companies.

There is a growing link with off-Amazon product awareness and on-Amazon sales as consumers still enjoy the experience of next-day delivery. Amazon have seen this and have launched an ‘Internet Famous – The Latest To Go Viral’ page (external link).

Acorn-i have seen for some months how a coordinated approach across on and off Amazon advertising, promotions and social channels reaps greater rewards than siloed strategies. Integrating with Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon Attribution enables brands to measure and optimise display, video, social, email, search channels holistically.

Brands that can plan, execute and measure omni-channel will be at an advantage when it comes to reaching consumers with the right products at the most effective time. Our proprietary technology Ignite is built to support brands deliver against omni-channel retail and advertising.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help measure social and influencer channels on driving Amazon and digital retail sales – info@acorn-i.com

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