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Amazon DSP Product Update

8 Apr 2020

Amazon have released a summary of recent updates to the Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform). The Amazon DSP has gained traction over the past two years due to being one of the richest 1st party data-led DSPs available. User interface, functionality, feature comparison with competitors are often cited as reasons why some agencies and advertisers have been slower to embrace Amazon DSP but we believe these are point-in-time issues and the unique assets that Amazon has to offer at scale i.e. real user data, unique inventory, measurement, full-funnel conversion tracking are worthy considerations for delivering customer engagement and sales.

The below content is copied from Amazon release notes:

Improvements to the online inventory report

We’ve introduced two improvements to the online inventory report: First, multi-select breakdowns now allow you to group supply source and domain/app ID metrics in the same report. Second, you can now download inventory report data to Microsoft Excel and analyze it offline.

Amazon viewability targeting is now available for mobile line items

Amazon viewability targeting is now available for Amazon mobile display and mobile app line item types. This feature offers five viewability tiers (70%+, 60%+, 50%+, 40%+, and up to 40%).

Feedback on creatives rejected by Xandr (AppNexus) and Google

Creatives that run on Xandr (AppNexus) and Google Ad Manager supply are subject to manual and automated audits conducted by those exchanges’ creative audit teams, and may be rejected resulting in creatives not delivering impressions on those supply sources. With this update, you can now see Xandr (AppNexus) and Google creative rejection reasons alongside the creative audit feedback we provide.

Third-party pre-bid targeting from DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and Oracle Data Cloud

Pre-bid capabilities from DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and Oracle Data Cloud are now available. With this change you can now filter third-party ad inventory for invalid traffic, viewability, and brand safety and provide better control over where your ad is delivered. Billing is currently not available for third-party targeting and filtering. For more information, refer to this help article.

Amazon audience pricing

On January 1, 2020, we updated pricing for Amazon audiences used in Amazon DSP display campaigns. The Amazon DSP audience fee is a cost per thousand impressions, or CPM, applied to Amazon audience segments. For more information, please visit the January section of the DSP help center release notes.

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