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Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly

3 May 2022

Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly and how it can boost sales

It’s no secret that consumers around the world are becoming more eco-conscious, to the point where it’s having a genuine impact on their buying habits and decisions.

According to a study by GWI’s research, over half (60%) of internet users are willing to pay more for products if they’re eco-friendly. Trends also show that Millennials care more about sustainability than Generation X and Baby Boomers, so this will continue to be an important issue.

This means that not only are we seeing increased demand for sustainable products, but also that retailers will be able to charge a premium fee for products that fit this criteria. 

It’s vital for brands to take this seriously and has been reflected in Amazon’s launch of the Climate Pledge Friendly certification programme. Alongside the Compact by Design certification we’ll talk about below, Amazon clearly sees this as an important factor for shoppers as the environment continues to climb up the agenda.

What is Amazon’s ‘Climate Pledge Friendly’ programme?

Launched in 2020, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly initiative sets out to make it easier for consumers to identify and discover products created and packaged in a more sustainable way.

If a product qualifies for the programme, you will see this badge displayed on the search listing, and on the product page:

What are the benefits of the Climate Pledge Friendly badge?

As consumers are taking sustainability seriously when they’re making buying decisions, displaying the Climate Pledge Friendly badge makes you stand out above your competitors.

Qualifying products will also be featured on the Climate Pledge Friendly landing page, as well as having the potential to be included in further merchandising opportunities on Amazon as they arise. We have noticed ‘consider a similar item’ promoted products on Detail Pages featuring proportionately higher Climate Pledge Friendly products.

With so much competition when selling on Amazon, these factors could make a significant difference to your sales and visibility. 

How can your product qualify for the Climate Pledge Friendly badge?

To qualify and have the Climate Pledge Friendly badge displayed, your product must be certified. This can either be by Amazon under their Compact by Design certification, or by one of many third-party certifications. 

Compact by Design

Amazon’s Compact by Design certification focuses on highlighting products with a more efficient design compared to other available items. This includes the amount of packaging, air in the container, shape, and weight – all of which affect the impact it has on the environment.

Each category of product has its own thresholds for ‘unit efficiency’, which is Amazon’s method of calculating the product’s sustainability. 

The unit efficiency will be calculated automatically from the product details you enter, then compared with the thresholds to determine if a product is ‘Compact by Design’. You should be aiming for the lowest possible unit efficiency, especially as these thresholds will likely continue to be updated, and potentially even lowered, over time. 

Note: Your brand must be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry to be certified, and only products within the threshold categories can currently qualify for the certification.

Third-party certification

Given that there are many pre-existing sustainability certifications, Amazon has made it easy for brands to use them to qualify for the badge. They have provided a list of qualifying certifications, and have committed to continue evolving and expanding this list.

If you already have a certification, but it’s not currently displayed against your product, you can add it by doing the following:

1. Go to ‘Your info & policies’ in Seller Central

2. Select ‘Certifications’

3. Click ‘Add a new certification’

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload proof of the certification

You can find more detailed information about adding your certifications on the Seller Central help site.

Depending on the products you sell, the Climate Pledge Friendly badge could be a useful addition to your Amazon listings. Therefore, it’s worth investing some time looking at where you can make improvements to your sustainability, from the product itself, through to the way you package it.

Do you need assistance qualifying for the Climate Pledge Friendly badge? Schedule a free chat with one of our Amazon experts to see how we can help.

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