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Stand out with an Amazon Brand Store

7 Mar 2022

Stand out with an Amazon Brand Store (and make more sales)

When it comes to selling products online, it’s important to have a strong brand that appeals to your target audience.

This is easy when it’s your own website, but if you’re selling via an online marketplace such as Amazon, which has 9.7m sellers worldwide, it’s much harder to differentiate and stand out. 

An Amazon Brand Store allows retailers to present themselves on the platform in a way that’s consistent with their off-Amazon brand. It’s effective too, with Amazon boasting that stores updated within the past 90 days have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitor. 

What’s more, stores with three or more pages enjoy 83% higher shopper dwell time and 32% higher attributed sales per visitor.


What is an Amazon Brand Store?

A Brand Store is effectively a branded microsite within Amazon, where you can tell your brand’s story, promote your products, and add supporting media. It also allows you to organise your inventory into different categories, highlight certain products, and promote deals and offers.

Brand Stores are accessible within Amazon, allow you to have a custom URL to make it easier for customers to find your page, and are the only real-estate on Amazon that will be unique to your brand.


What are the benefits for brands?
Consistent branding

It can be frustrating to go through an expensive branding exercise, only for it to be lost on your product listing. The immediate benefit of having a Brand Store is that you have more control over how your brand is presented on Amazon, how you can convey your brand story, and how your products are displayed on your page.

More sales

Stores that are kept up to date tend to get more sales, but this also improves the likelihood of your customers coming back for more, therefore increasing average customer value.

Ability to promote different inventory

By bringing customers to your Brand Store, you have the opportunity to show them products they might not have known about. This could have a positive impact on customers, who are more likely to come back to your store when they need other products. 

Increased external traffic
Having a Brand Store means that if someone searches for your brand on Google, there will often be an Amazon listing displayed, which should drive more traffic to your products. If you’re a lesser known brand, this is especially important, as you essentially inherit some of Amazon’s trust in the process. 

Leverage Sponsored Brands to promote category range
If you run Sponsored Brand ads for your products, you can use your Brand Store as the landing page for your campaigns. You can also direct them to a sub-page or category if the ad is for a specific item. 

It’s free

The best thing about Brand Stores is that you gain all of these benefits, for free, so long as you are a registered brand. The only cost to you is the time and effort you put into building the store and creating your product pages.


How does it work?

Before you can apply to create your store, you’ll need to enrol in Amazon Brand Registry.  This is a useful process to go through, as it allows you to protect your brand and improve how it’s displayed within Amazon.

Once you’ve done this, you can then start to set up your store.

Step 1: Create your store

First, create the pages for your brand’s products using the store builder within the advertising console. If you need help with this, Amazon provides in-depth guidance and instructions on how to do this on their Seller University site or you can get in touch with one of our content experts.

Step 2: Add media

A big part of selling on Amazon is the media you use to sell your products, and this is especially important if you want your Brand Store to stand out. You should add different images and videos to your individual pages to support your descriptions and sales copy.

Step 3: Submit for approval

Once you’ve set these up, you simply need to submit your Brand Store to Amazon to be reviewed. They aim to get this done within 24 hours, and once it’s been approved, you can start promoting your store straight away. 


Given Amazon Brand Stores are free to use, it can pay huge dividends if you invest the time in building an offering that’s on-brand and can cut through the noise.

Do you need help setting up your Brand Store? Get in touch to find out how our Amazon experts can help you.

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