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Amazon Attribution Advertiser Benefits

2 Mar 2022

Amazon Attribution: what is it and how does it benefit advertisers?

There are now 9.7 million Amazon sellers worldwide and rising, with more than a million joining each year. This means it’s vital to explore every marketing avenue available in order to have the best chance of attracting your audience. 

Amazon Advertising is a great route to take for promoting your products, but there are significant benefits from advertising outside of the platform as well. Demand for high-performing placements on Amazon is increasing leading to higher costs for Amazon PPC so advertisers can gain efficiencies by driving customers to Amazon listings via other publishers and social channels, or at least adding them to the mix. 

Driving external traffic to your page can have a material impact on your seller rank too, which helps your products appear higher in Amazon search results. In the past, however, it was difficult to track whether a prospect actually made a purchase after clicking on your ad, leading to a big gap in analytics. That’s why Amazon Ads introduced Amazon Attribution.


What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a tool that lets you track and analyse the marketing channels that direct customers to your Amazon listings. For example, if you’re advertising your products using Google or Facebook, Amazon Attribution lets you see which prospects (who clicked on the ad) went on to view a product Detail Page, Add-to-Cart or make a purchase. 


What are the benefits of Amazon Attribution?

Apart from being completely free to access, there are plenty of benefits of using Amazon’s Attribution platform:

Track your ROI

Being able to track your campaigns from awareness and consideration right through to purchasing your product means that you can accurately track your return on investment, and make better marketing decisions going forward.

Compare marketing channels

Using Amazon Attribution means you can see all of your advertising data in one place, which will save you time when analysing your overall campaign performance. Because you can have Google ads, Facebook ads, eMail, website links etc all tracked through Attribution, you can compare them directly to see which is the most effective for conversions at any given time.

Get to know your Amazon audience

The Attribution platform provides a host of first-party data which includes useful demographic information, giving brands a better understanding of who is likely to purchase products, who isn’t, and how they might interact with a brands offer or store.

Optimise existing campaigns

You can then use this demographic data to optimise your campaigns to target the most relevant customers, and improve your product pages to avoid losing sales. 

More sales

Ultimately, all of the above lead to more sales. As  mentioned, Amazon is extraordinarily competitive, so using a tool like Amazon Amazon Attribution to increase your slice of the pie can only be a good thing for your business and your sales.


How does Amazon Attribution work in practice?

To dive deeper in how Amazon Attribution can be deployed, let’s take a look at how one of our customers achieved stronger campaign performance using the platform. 

Académie du Vin, a publishing company specialising in wine literature, made their books available on Amazon. However, because of the niche nature of their offering, they had limited search volumes. To improve their reach, they decided to utilise off-Amazon advertising solutions.

To gain the most out of their campaigns, they used the Amazon Attribution integration within Ignite to track and optimise their advertising – and saw great results: 

*Increased their CTR (click-through rate) tenfold

*Boosted their sales by 142%

*Achieved 22 times their previous DPV (Detail Page View)


Get the most out of Amazon Attribution

Because Académie du Vin used Ignite to access Amazon Attribution, they were also able to aggregate their data from other ecommerce platforms and analyse performance trends across different advertising channels.

They were also able to access advanced search analytics within the same tool to improve product SEO, boost keyword effectiveness, and discover top-ranking search terms used by shoppers.

All of this – combined with real-time performance tracking – means they have a whole range of data insights available to them to compare and optimise all of their ecommerce channels.

Acorn Intelligence is proud to be the first EU-based ecommerce agency to integrate the Amazon Attribution API and combine with off-Amazon media and social channels. If you’d like to know more about how Ignite can help you to get the most out of Amazon Attribution, schedule a free demo with our Amazon experts today. 

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