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Acorn-i Partner With Fast Growth Brands

15 Jun 2020

Acorn Intelligence have partnered with Fast Growth Brands to provide search trends data for over 1,000 brands as part of the FGB Index. Fast Growth Brands is a daily news site dedicated to innovative, fast-moving, and digitally native challenger brands. The FGB Index lists over 1,000 of the fastest growing brands globally; the next-generation brands which are revolutionising marketing strategies and the approach to consumer relationships to build brand equity at scale.

Our proprietary platform, Ignite, provides insights on:
– shopper intent analysis,
– trending and ranking terms,
– brand trend comparison,
– Sponsored Products product targeting insights,
– SEO insights for product listing optimisation.

Acorn-i launched Ignite in February 2020 having worked with multiple brands to understand B2C challenges and develop solutions to support driving online sales and customer engagement. Ignite consolidates large eCommerce data sets into a series of insightful reports to empower users to quickly understand critical business metrics and identify where to invest time and resource.

Check out fastgrowthbrands.com and subscribe to the Index for Ignite insights plus additional data sets:


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