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Acorn-i : Amazon Buy Box Score For Sellers

15 Apr 2020

Acorn Intelligence (Acorn-i) have developed a proprietary Buy Box Score for Amazon Sellers. The score enables Sellers to increase sales by quickly identifying under-performing ASINs and implementing tactics to improve frequency in which they own the Buy Box. Sellers can also identify high scoring ASINs and ensure traffic-driving strategies, such as marketing spend, are optimised to the products most likely to capture the customer sale. Acorn-i data and analytics worked closely with partner sellers to understand impact of Buy Box to scaling revenues and established an effective model to track Buy Box ownership over time. The initial outcome for partners has been an increase in sales on competitive ASINs and more effective use of marketing spend. The data set will be available to partner Sellers via Ignite.

Why is the Buy Box so Important?

Simply put, the Buy Box is the point-of-sale on Amazon. There is no limit to the number of legitimate sellers for any particular item but only a single seller will own the Buy Box at any one time. Sellers will also compete with Amazon for the same Buy Box so having a strategy to control competition, pricing and availability is imperative. You can create the best detail page content and build the most relevant marketing strategy but you will under-perform on revenue if you do not own the Buy Box. To understand how important is it to delivering revenue, consider this:

More than 80% of purchases are made via the Buy Box with purchases via mobile devices even higher.

Amazon apply an algorithm to ascertain which seller has the Buy Box at any one time. Understanding which hygiene and performance variables impact Buy Box ownership will enable a seller to increase the chances of being the one to secure the shopper order.

Buy Box has Broader Implications

Acorn-i Buy Box Score

The decision to create a metric to better understand Buy Box health was driven by our overriding desire to deliver better results for clients. Tracking only a yes/no current status of owning the Buy Box isn’t sophisticated enough to inform optimal actions, particularly as the Buy Box can rotate between sellers during a day. We have developed a proprietary algorithm to ascertain a Buy Box Score per product for your selected date range enabling clients to:

Below: image from Ignite client reporting user-interface.

Buy Box.jpg

Key Metrics and Actions to Take to Improve Performance

We have identified up to thirteen metrics that will impact which Seller owns the Amazon Buy Box. Addressing these will increase overall Buy Box Score and in turn generate more sales. The leading metrics making the greatest impact are:

Your Acorn-i Buy Box Score will enable you to identify where to focus attention and what actions to take resulting in more sales.

To find out what Buy Box Score your products currently have, and how to increase sales, connect with the team here at Acorn-i.

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